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Pub Crawlers
PUB (Personal Utility Beetle) Crawlers are huge genetically engineered insect from a worldline heavily involved in genetic engineering for domestic purposes. The PUB Crawlers are used by the inhabitants of Gamma Terra Austalis as mobile communities to avoid the attentions of the Raiders of the Emerald City. Communities of these PUB Crawlers roam the Outback, and are the most common form of community structure. PUB Crawler is also used colloquially to decsribe the inhabitants of a PUB Crawler community.

The Dingo-men of the deep desert, they roam the Outback trading with PUB Crawlers. They have a sinister reputation however, and are kept on the outskirts of most communities. This is because children have a tendency to disappear when Lindys are around. The Lindys always clear out quickly after such an incident, before the call is heard “A Lindy Took my Baby!”

The Dark Planet
Sitting visibly on the horizon, the dark planet is a purplish ringed celestial body. It is postulated (by those who have the time and inclination for such activities) that it is a nearby alternate Earth. It exherts no discernable gravitional pull on Gamma Terra. It is the main source of Area 52 technology – various Alien visitors frequently travel from the Dark Planet to Gamma Terra, bringing obscure Tech with them.

The Emerald City
A fantastic green dome that floats off the coast, it is the source of many fearful rumours and speculation. It is ruled by mysterious masked rulers, but they are never seen beyond the confines of the Emerald City. It’s visible representatives are sky barges manned by robots and androids. It is the source of XI tech, characters emblazoned on each of the sky barges that are sent across the Outback, scouring the land for slaves.
Some slaves have excaped from the Emerald City, but precious few. Those who have escaped say it is a city of technological horrors and marvels; slaves are frequently plucked from their menial labours and never seen again. Rumours of fell experiments abound.

The Alice
At the centre of the Outback lies the source of Gamma Terra Australis – The Alice. A research centre built to examine quantum fluctuations near Uluru, an accident lead to “The Accident” (or occaisonally referred to as “The Bingle”). The research facility was owned by a private corporation, the Ishtar Foundation. Their artifacts can be found littering the landscape.

Main Page

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