“The Alice”, an Outback research facility investigating applications, of Quantum Physics, innadvertently unspooled the world-lines of many multiple worlds. Perhaps building the laboratory over a Koorie sacred site wasn’t the best idea after all…
The emananting crash of worlds that resulted has at its heart “The Alice” – a shifting confluence of worldlines from which constantly emerges new and strange beings. The gatekeepers, an aging Mixomytosiatic rabbit and pot-smoking Emperor Gum catapillar try to stem the tide of the most egregious monstrosities but are little match for the weirdness that emerges.
Beyond, in the rest of Terra Australis, a rough society of Balloon Traders, Road Warriors, Pub Crawlers has sprung up in a nomadic fashion.
Beyond the shores, the Emerald City, a floating city, sends out its mechanised drones to scour the land for slaves. Its masked rulers are never seen outside the Emerald, but the occaisonal escapee from there swears that they must hold some terrible secret. Combat wombat by cereal199

Gamma Terra Australis